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Doctoral Programme

At the Department of Economics

The Department of Economics has a PhD programme which leads to a PhD degree after four years full time study. It is also possible, but less common, to take a Licentiate Degree after having completed half of the PhD programme.

The PhD Programme

The PhD degree - doktorsexamen - consists of a total of 240 credits (60 credits per year), of which 90 credits are taken as courses and 150 credits consist of a thesis.

The Licentiate degree - licentiatexamen - consists of a total of 120 credits, of which 60 credits are taken as courses and 60 credits consist of a thesis.

Students are enrolled in the PhD programme at least once a year. The closing date for admissions is normally in the beginning of February each year. The exact closing date for the next application process is to be found at the top of this page.

Closing date for application: JANUARY 31

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Tommy Andersson

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