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Lund University School of Economics and Management

MSc in International Economics with a Focus on China

A one-year programme concentrated on the Chinese economy

There is high demand for graduates with an in-depth knowledge of the Chinese economy and China’s role in the Asia- Pacific and the global economy. This programme will provide you with knowledge of the current affairs of China’s economy based on the methods of advanced economics and economic history. The programme is given jointly by the Department of Economics and the Department of Economic History

This one-year Master's programme builds directly upon previous studies in economics and economic history at the bachelor level.

Economists working on China related issues invariably need a broad theoretical knowledge of economics and/or economic history as well as an extensive knowledge of the country’s economic institutions, such as institutional arrangements at the micro level and the respective business environment. The programme meets this need by combining the following two core objectives:


  • To familiarise students with modern economic theories, concepts, techniques, and their applications.
  • To provide a thorough specialisation in the Chinese economy and in China’s role in both the Asian Pacific and the global economy.


Students who follow this programme will acquire the basic theoretical and quantitative tools needed to investigate economic problems, and will gain specialised knowledge in their specific field of interest. This will enable them to analyse and solve research questions related to the Chinese economy. The programme prepares students for future careers within the private and public sector, e.g. in internationally operating companies, various areas of the financial sector, such as commercial banks, insurance companies, stock exchanges, and national and international public institutions.



Programme Director

Professor Sonja Opper
Office: Alfa 1:4088
Phone: +46 46 222 7906


Assistant Professor Tobias Axelsson
Room Alfa 1:3019
Phone: +46 46 222 4631

Programme Coordinator

MSc. Rikke Barthélemy
Office: EC1:279
Phone +46 46: 222 9477

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