Department of Economics

Lund University School of Economics and Management

MSc in Finance

A one-year master programme in Finance

The programme is designed to give students a sound knowledge in the basic methods of advanced finance and enable you to apply your knowledge to analyse real world problems.

The programme is divided into two terms, which consist in total of four study periods. In the first term, focus is primarily on advancing students’ knowledge of the theory of finance and econometric techniques used in financial research. In the second study period, students follow two courses that further advance and specialise their knowledge of the theory of finance and financial econometrics.

In the second term, focus is instead shifted more towards application and problem solving. The second semester ends with a degree project in finance in the fourth study period.

Autumn term (period 1 resp. 2)
1. NEKN81 - Foundations of Finance, 7.5 credits
1. NEKN92 - Financial Econometrics, 7.5 credits

2. NEKN82 - Empirical Finance, 7.5 credits
2. NEKN93- Theory of Corporate Finance, 7.5 credits

Spring term 
1. NEKN86 - Financial Risk Analysis, 5 credits
1. NEKN87 - Fixed Income and Derivatives, 5 credits
1. NEKN94 - Managerial Finance, 5 credits

2. Master essay, 15 credits



Programme Director

Professor Hossein Asgharian
Office: Alfa 1: 4091A
Phone:+46 46 222 8667


Senior Lecturer Jens Forssbaeck
Room Alfa 1:4050B
Phone: +46 46 222 7843

Programme Coordinator

MSc. Rikke Barthélemy
Office: EC1:279
Phone: +46 46 222 9477

Fact sheet

MSc in Finance (pdf file) 

Programme Curriculum

MSc in Finance (pdf file)