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At the Department of Economics

For students that are already admitted and registered for courses at the Department of Economics, the student web portal LiveatLund is used for all course and program related information such as course curriculum, schedules, literature, rules and regulations and others. LiveatLund is also used for communication between the lecturer and students.

Course administration
Questions regarding course registration and re-registration on courses, results, exam registrations and similar are managed by the Departments Administration Officers.

Schedules for courses you are registerd on are avaialbe via "My site" on liveatLund. Schedules for all the courses at the Department are available via the schedule generator TimeEdit.

Re-registration for courses
If you are planning to take an exam on a course that you have previously been registered on, you must first re-register on that course in order to sign up for the exam. Course re-registration is managed via “My site” on LiveatLund, or you can contact an Administrations Officer at the Department.

As a re-registered student you can participate in lectures if there are places available. Please note that it is your own responsibility to check with the lecturer for specific information (if any) for re-registered students.

Registration for exams
Note that you must be registered on the course in order to sign up for an exam. If you are registered on a course for the very first time, you do not have to sign up for the first exam.

You sign up for an exam via the student portal at least one week in advance. 

Examples of previous written exams
At the Department’s web page on LiveatLund you find examples of previous written examen. The database contains exams from the previous two years. Please note, however, that those exams are not part of the course literature and should only be used as examples of written exams. 

Examination Office
After the exam review (if there is one) you can, under term periods, collect the exam at the Exam Office which is located in room EC1:237 (on the "shelf" above the Atrium in EC1). The Exam Office is usually open daily between 10.30-12.30.