Department of Economics

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Basic level in Economics

A general introductory course in Economics.

This general course constitutes the first term's studies in Economics. The objective is to provide students with fundamental knowledge of economic theory and the ability to apply economic theory to relevant problems, as well as to provide knowledge of, and ability to critically evaluate, economic conditions and development trends at the national and international levels.

NEKA12 - Economics, general course, 1-30 credits, (Curriculum)
(The course is not offered in English.)

The course consists of 4 component courses as follows:

  • Microeconomic Theory with Applications, 11 credits
  • Macroeconomic Theory and Economic Policy, 9 credits
  • International Economics, 5 credits
  • Financial Economics, 5 credits

SASE31 - International Economics, 7.5 credits (Curriculum)
(Basic course in International Economics - offered in English for incoming exchange students and Study Abroad students.)

Literature list autumn term 2017

Content SASE31
The course starts with a survey of the theories of international trade, an analysis of profits associated with international trade, and the effects of international trade on the price of goods and factor prices. Furthermore, theories of factor mobility are studied as well as the emergence of transnational corporations. The course also treats the motives behind different trade policies and the effect they can have, and the framework and organisation of the international trade system. Finally, the role of trade policy and regional integration for trade and development is discussed.





General requirements NEKA12

  • A higher secondary certificate that gives access to university studies in your home country and an internationally recognized test of Swedish if your mother tongue ia another language

Specific requirements NEKA12

  • English: Course B according to the Swedish gymnasium programme.
  • Mathematics: Course C according to the Swedish gymnasium programme.
  • Social studies: Course A according to the Swedish gymnasium programme.

Language of Instruction NEKA12

  • Swedish.

REquirements SASE31

  • Only open for incoming exchange students and Study Abroad students
  • At least 30 ects completed university courses.

Language of instruction SASE31

  • English