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Thesis defence coming up: Three questions for Zahra Hashemzadeh

Published: 2022-05-10

After completing the doctoral education PhD student Zahra Hashemzadeh will defend her thesis 16 May. Get a quick glimpse of her thesis, experiences and near future.

You are about to defend your thesis. In short, what is your thesis about?

”I am about to defend my thesis titled “Drivers of Going Green in Financial Markets and Corporate Networks”. Using a global dataset, the thesis investigates the investors’ and businesses’ incentives for environmental engagement. Given the accelerating threat of side-effects of economic activities on environment and climate change, understanding the driving forces to urge the commitments is important. From business side, our findings show that the environmental engagement propagates in firm networks. We find that the degree of spillover depends on the type of link between firms and the effect is strongest among competitor firms. On the investors end, in countries where the infrastructure is well-suited to facilitate green activities, investors actually achieve a better financial performance by tilting their portfolio toward being more environmental-friendly. And, finally in those countries the general awareness, in particular among younger generation, is higher the green assets enjoy a higher relative valuation in financial markets.”

In three words, how would you describe your years as a PhD student at LUSEM?

”Challenging, inspiring, rewarding.”

What are you up to now?

”Currently, I have a research collaboration with the Centre for Climate Finance and investment at Imperial College Business School in London. Meanwhile, I continue as a researcher at the department of Economics at Lund University. My goal is to develop more my knowledge on Climate and Nature finance field and bring more practical insight to my research by building up connections with Industry professionals.”

Thank you, Zahra! Wishing you all the best!

More about Zahra

Zahra is a PhD student at Department of Economics, LUSEM.

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Zahra's "Spikning"

Zahra traditionally nailed her thesis during the “Spikning“ ceremony 22 April in the Blue Hall in EC3 at LUSEM. Here with supervisor Hossein Asgharian.
Photo: Charlina Lunvald.