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Research funding

Published: 2020-06-16

Researchers at the Knut Wicksell Centre have received research funding


Jens Forssbaeck & Anders Vilhelmsson

Amount 1,7 M SEK

The market share of foreign banks is more than 50% in half the countries in the world. Despite this we know surprisingly little about the competition effect of the internationalization of the loan market. This projects investigates competition between foreign and domestic banks with a particular focus on the borrowers are affected.

What drives corporate climate actions? The role of global supply chains, social networks, and gender equality.

Amount: 1 500 000 SEK

Main applicant: Lu Liu (SBS) with Hossein Asgharian and Zahra Hashemzadeh

The project aims to investigate how corporates’ climate actions are spread in corporate networks. We focus on the following research questions

1. How do climate actions and mitigation outcomes transmit in the global supply chain and how do they affect the financial and operational performance of the firms in the network?

2. How does the corporate management social network affect the implementation, and economic outcomes, of climate change mitigation policies?

3. Do women decision-makers make greener firms? How does women’s participation in corporate decision-making affect the implementation of climate change mitigation policies and influence the transmission of policies along the supply chain and through the social network?

Long-term and short-term financial risk, risk spillover, and interest rate comovements

Amount: 1 800 000 SEK

Main applicant: Ai Jun Hou (SBS) with Hossein Asgharian

In this project, we aim to develop new techniques to study the determinants of long-term and short-term components of financial risk in the crude oil market, and the long- and short-term risk spillover in global equity markets. We also investigate why the interest rate term structures fluctuate over time and comove across countries in global bond markets.