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Best teacher in replay: Peter Jochumzen

Published: 2021-12-02

The students have once again spoken. The teacher of the year 2021 is Peter Jochumzen, Senior lecturer in Economics.

“To get this recognition after this period of online teaching feels just great!“ says Peter Jochumzen, Teacher of the year. Photo: Anna Löthman

Every year our students get to nominate their favourite teacher, The Teacher of the Year. This year Peter Jochumzen, Senior lecturer in Economics, is the winner. 

Congratulations, Peter! How does it feel to receive this award?

“It feels extremely good! I think it feels better than ever this time. It might have something to do with the lock-down. To get this recognition after this period of online teaching feels just great!“

This is the fourth time you get appointed Teacher of the year. Why do you think the students vote for you? 

“Actually I don’t know...I do care a lot about my students. They put a lot of effort into their studies and they deserve a good education. That is not unique for me though, I know that my colleagues also share that view.“

Peter thinks for a moment and says:

“I might be good at explaining and showing, clarifying. I have a computer on which I write and make calculations with a pen, while explaining. I never bring any notes, I don't want my lectures to be stiff. I rather solve things in the lecture hall, instead. When the lecture is in progress.“ 

“And I really think it is very fun to teach! My students might notice that, I guess. It is a fantastic job, to interact with the students, to watch their progress. But they do a huge work themselves, it is not only thanks to me that they manage it so well.“

 He’s amazing! He puts so much effort into his lectures and into providing us with helpful study material. He makes difficult courses much more understandable and fun. Extremely pedagogical!

Quote from one of the “Teacher of the year“-nominations for Peter Jochumzen.

According to the students you seem to have managed to solve and meet the latest digital challenges in a very good way. What is your secret?

“I think I was lucky, actually. When the pandemic struck I already had recorded materials since I have used video in my teaching for years. For me it was not that much of a challenge, as for many other teachers. For example I record solutions of important problems in the course and make it available on Youtube.“

“Another thing that I think is appreciated by the students is that I keep checking on them along the way. We have something called sessions, the students get unknown problems to solve in class in two hours. This makes them prepare before they come to class, they know they can’t manage these sessions if they don’t prepare and they know they can’t wait to study until two days before the exam. All this together help them to pass their studies.“  


Are the video clips open to everyone or just for your students?

“They are open to everyone. I’m glad if people can be helped by my videos. A lot of people can’t go to such a good university as Lund University. If videos can make them understand and solve a mathematical problem for example, that is a good thing; to make materials accessibel for more people.“

What is the best part about teaching?

“I think the best thing is that you get the opportunity to take on a complex material and try to create a good structure. We teach rather difficult stuff and to try to present this in a understandable way, that is exciting!“

“I try to think about what can make someone stop studying, what is that difficult that you can’t continue...To try to lower the steps, to even out. To pave the way...That is something I’m happy about; being able to do that.“

And the hardest?

“That you never feel really satisfied. You can always do more, do better. And I often feel that we lack resources.“

At last, how will the Teacher of the year award inspire you in your forthcoming teaching?

“It has of course a positive effect for me as a teacher. To feel that what I do makes sense. And as I mentioned, to get this confirmation in this pandemic times feels extra uplifting!“


The “Teacher of the year“ motivation by Lundaekonomerna

We proudly present the teacher of the year: Peter Jochumzen

Peter is described to have by far the best course structures by having clear framework and steady work-flow as well as excellent online resources that were made available at the start of his courses. Peter thoroughly explains all the concepts in his online lectures, making the secondary resources appear redundant to the students. Peter has clearly mastered the arts of online teaching in an exceptional way. It is also mentioned by the students that Peter care about the students well being to great extents. For instance, he continuously underlines that he is aware of the mental struggles that students face when studying solitarily.

Thank you Peter for being a great teacher and caring about your students well being.

Teacher of the year

Every year our students are given the opportunity by the Education Committee of Lundaekonomerna to nominate their favourite teacher. The award is very prestigious and the winner is solemnly presented at the annual Winter ball.

More about Peter

  • Got his doctor’s degree at LUSEM in 1998 with the thesis Essays on Econometric Theory
  • Did PhD courses and thesis work at UCLA.
  • Have been teaching at LUSEM since 1998.
  • Specialized in econometrics.
  • Has his own Youtube channel with videos about problem solving in mathematics and econometrics: Jochumzen

Peter Jochumzen
Senior lecturer in Economics,
Department of Economics, LUSEM

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