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NEK Brown Bag: Valentina Sontheim


Valentina Sontheim, University of Lucerne

Title: How does in-classroom skill-heterogeneity affect student outcomes?

Whether or not students should be educated in heterogeneous classrooms is a politically debatable question. On the one hand, homogeneity may prevent the more able students to be negatively influenced by the less able. On the other hand, early separation along the skill-dimension of students may increase segregation along other socially undesirable dimensions. I analyze the effect of quasi-random allocation to in-classroom ability mix regimes in Switzerland using registry data of students at the transition from primary to secondary school. Outcomes will range from entry into certain school levels, achievement of school degrees, integration into the labor market, and an income proxy for the first employment. I will be able to disentangle heterogeneous effects on different dimensions, such as own ability type, gender, or migration background.



23 November 2022


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