Department of Economics

Lund University School of Economics and Management

Micro T&E Seminar: Eva Ranehill


Eva Ranehill, University of Gothenburg, who will present “Continuous Gender Identity and Economic Decisions”

Abstract: “Economic research on gender almost exclusively focuses on the binary classification as either a “man” or “woman.” We investigate the value of incorporating a measure continuous gender identity (CGI) into economics by exploring whether it explains variation in economic behavior, and if this extends beyond that of binary sex. First, we validate a novel single item CGI measure in a survey study, showing that this measure correlates with measures widely used in gender research. Second, we use our single item CGI in an incentivized laboratory experiment to assess its explanatory power in explaining previously documented gender preference gaps in four economic preferences.”

31 January 2022


This is an online meeting.


Roel van Veldhuizen