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Lund University School of Economics and Management

Departemental Seminar - Willemien Kets


Willemien Kets (Oxford) A Theory of Strategic Uncertainty and Cultural Diversity

This paper presents a novel mechanism through which culture can a ect behavior. Cultural diversity matters because it in uences the degree of strategic uncertainty that players face. We model this by building on research in psychology on perspective taking. The model delivers comparative statics that are broadly consistent with experimental evidence and that are dicult to obtain with existing methods. In addition, it can account for a variety of disparate evidence, including why inecient social customs persist in some societies but not in others and why exclusively targeting incentives may not help with resolving collective action problems.

14 February 2019


Holger Crafoords Ekonomicentrum EC2
Ole Römers väg 6
223 63 Lund


Petter Lundborg