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Advanced level studies in Economics

The Department of Economics offers a wide range of master courses in all subjects in Economics. Courses can be studied within a master programme, or they can be studied as free-standing courses.

All courses are 7.5 ECTS credits each, and for full-time studies one takes four courses during one term and one studies two courses each period within each term.  

Please see course curricula below for information about course content, admission requirements and study period. The list below might be subject for changes.

All courses are offered in English, unless otherwise is stated.

Literature list Spring term 2016
Literature list Autumn term 2016
Literature list Spring term 2017

Course Catalogue - abstracts

The course structure below will be slightly changed as of the acadmeic year 2017/2018. Information about the new structure will be provided on this page in January/February at the latest. 


Autumn term
September - October

NEKN21 - Advanced Microeconomic Analysis,  7.5 credits 
NEKN31 - Advanced Econometrics,  7.5 credits 
NEKN81 - Foundations of Finance,  7.5 credits 
NEKP31 - Math. Methods - Static Optimisation,  7.5 credits
NEKP51 - Advanced Public Economics,  7.5 credits 

November - January
NEKN22 - Economic and Financial Decision Making, 7.5 credits 
NEKN33 - Applied Microeconometrics,  7.5 credits 
NEKN41 - Advanced Macroeconomic Analysis,  7.5 credits 
NEKN42 - Applied International Macroeconomics,  7.5 credits 
NEKN64 - Advanced Labour Economics,  7.5 credits (even years)
NEKN73 - Advanced Development Economics,  7.5 credits 
NEKN74 - The Chinese Economy,  7.5 credits 
NEKN82 - Empirical Finance,  7.5 credits 
NEKP21 - Microeconomics - Individual Choice,  7.5 credits 
NEKP32 - Math. Methods - Dynamic Optimisation,  7.5 credits (odd years)
NEKP33 - Statistical Methods for Econometrics,  7.5 credits (even years)
NEKP81 - Continuous Time Finance,  7.5 credits (not offered autumn 2016)

NEKN01 - Master Essay - first year,  15 credits (Curriculum)
NEKN06 - Master Essay - Health Economics, 15 credits (Curriculum)
NEKP01 - Master Essay  - second year,  15 credits (Curriculum)

Spring term
January - March
NEKN34 - Time Series Analysis,  7.5 credits 
NEKN51 - Economic Evaluation,  7.5 credits 
NEKN61 - Advanced Health Economics,  7.5 credits 
NEKN71 - Advanced Course in Economic Integration,  7.5 credits 
NEKN72 - Advanced Trade Theory,  7.5 credits 
NEKN75 - Inst., Markets and Firms in a Chinese Context,  7.5 credits 
NEKN83 - Financial Valuation and Risk Management,  7.5 credits 
(Not open for application via
NEKP22 - Microeconomics - Strategic Interaction,  7.5 credits (even years)
NEKP34 - Econometric Theory,  7.5 credits (odd years)
NEKP41 - Economic Growth, Advanced Course,  7.5 credits (even years)
NEKP42 - International Macroeconomic Theory,  7.5 credits (odd years)

April - June 
NEKN01 - Master Essay - first year,  15 credits (Curriculum)
NEKN06 - Master Essay - Health Economics, 15 credits (Curriculum)
NEKP01 - Master Essay  - second year,  15 credits (Curriculum)




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Azra Padjan
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Study Counsellor
PhD Mårten Wallette
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Study Director
PhD Pontus Hansson
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